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Logo for Quick Topping “Quick topping” represents the assortment of shredded, diced and grated cheese that can be used into various dishes like pizza, lasagna, quiche, salad and many other meals you may think off. A quick pick of cheeses that are available: Mozzarella, Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental, Italian hard type or Trappista belong to this wide assortment.

Besides regular cheese we can offer special blends in a combination of various cheeses or cheese alternatives (alternatives based on vegetable fat). These blends offer a unique flavor profile and may give sometimes an economic benefit to our customers.

All cheeses going through our factory process are selected from the best european manufacturers and are shredded with the highest care.

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Logo for Maison St-Jean “Maison St-Jean” represents an assortment of cheese snacks with 100% real natural cheese. These delicious appetizers are manufactured in a traditional way and selected with the finest quality cheeses.

Generous use of real cheese is what distinguishes our appetizers to others. Not just any savoury snack, but a pure, crispy cheese delight.

Besides Mozzarella sticks our assortment expanded over the years into a nice line of appetizers such as Gouda, old matured Gouda, Emmental, Camembert and not to forget our famous chili cheese nuggets. Have a bite and you'll want more!

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“Tastymelt” represents an assortment of processed cheese slices and natural cheese slices that are suitable for burgers, croque monsieur and regular sandwiches.

Our Burger slices are easy to peel off so they are very useful for quick serving, offered in 112 and 84 slices per packaging. They are available in cheddar, swiss and reduced lactose cheese.

The restricted melting properties of our slices make it possible to use them in into high temperature dishes without losing its shape.

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Logo for IQF Cheese and Butter Forms IQF cheese and butter forms represents an assortment of cheeses or butter that are formed by extrusion which gives end users several benefits. Because these forms are Instant Quick Frozen “IQF” it allows us to ship any product around the world because of its extended shelf-life of 18 months instead of 3 to 4 months in regular chilled conditions.

Secondly we guarantee that each individual form doesn’t stick to the other form without using any anticaking agent. You get 100% real cheese in it’s original form without any fines or left overs in a bag. Some examples of IQF cheese forms: Diced or shredded cheese, string cheese, cheese sticks, triangles or pallets.

IQF butter forms: butter rosettes, butter triagles, garlic butter rosettes. On request we can develop a tailor made form that may fit in your production process.

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How may we complete your dairy needs?

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Enjoy our wide range of cheese products, passionately created and carefully prepared with the best ingredients. Dairy products for wholesale, foodservice, retail and the industries. Grated or shredded cheese, burger cheese slices, appetizers and sauces are just a selection of our product range.

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Whether you are looking for an existing or new dairy product, VCC will search or create an appropriate dairy alternative at conform pricing. For larger customers we offer the posibility of a private label, this to enhance their corporate identity. Always at the highest quality standards!

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Vonk Culinary Cheese cooperates with it’s customers. Whether it's a new development of a product or a special kind of packaging. We always find solutions suitable to your needs and make sure it's possible to be realized in a short period of time. At your service for a long lasting partnership.

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We provide for retailers and wholesalers our VCC oldtimer truck which is a Citroën HY of 1967, a real beautiful eye catcher to attract customers and at the same time promote VCC cheese products free of charge. Why not give us a visit?

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